Importing a Custom-Made Stainless Steel Wrangler

Date 2011/6/13 11:24:00 | Topic: Wrangler

Autoweek recently posted a fascinating first-person article about importing a custom-made stainless steel Jeep into the U.S.. The author is Peter Greenberg, a CBS News travel editor.

It's a great read - the Jeep was built for Peter by the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marco. The problems started when the vehicle wasn't cleared by customs:
U.S. Customs had never seen such a car. Agents didn't know what it was. They assumed I was a car importer and in the automobile business. I was presented with a U.S. Department of Transportation crash-test-requirements manual and told when I was going to be scheduled for a hearing. A hearing? I tried to explain that I had just bought a body and frame as a collector. They wanted me to crash the car as a prototype, convinced I was trying to import new cars to the States.

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