Chrysler Lacks Resources to Develop Jeep Pickup?

Date 2011/7/5 6:29:14 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Auto123 is reporting that Chrysler currently doesn't have the resources to develop a Jeep-based pickup at the current time. I disagree with the article - I don't think it is an issue with money, but rather with talent:
Unfortunately, the automaker's priorities have changed and the project once again finds itself on the back burner, according to Jeep president and CEO, Mike Manley.

“Our resources are fully dedicated to small vehicles, [developing new transmissions] and working with Fiat. There are none left to work on the Jeep pickup”, he explained.

All hope isn't lost, however. Manley did also go on to say that Chrysler has put considerable thought into the potential for the pickup, including sales in world markets.

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