2011 Grand Cherokee Long Term Test Drive

Date 2011/7/21 18:13:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

I'm a huge fan of MotorTrend's long term test drives. I really believe that it is only by spending a lot of time with a vehicle can you find out if it is really all it is cracked up to be.

They recently published an updated on their long-term test drive of a 2011 Grand Cherokee, and while there's not a whole lot of new information, it's interesting to seem them really dive deep into a particular aspect of the vehicle (this update focuses on the multiple navigation systems available depending on the trim level).
We asked the folks at Jeep as to the reasons behind the navigation duopoly (instead of the usual monopoly), but were unable to get a concrete answer (it's likely buried somewhere in a confidential product planning powerpoint).

To date, they've had the vehicle for 4 months and put almost 8,000 miles on it at an average of $0.23/mile. The total maintenance costs so far are only a bit over $100 for an oil change and tire rotation.

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