Bantam Jeep Festival Has World Record Jeep Parade

Date 2011/8/13 15:47:43 | Topic: Miscellaneous

As discussed on JeepNewsNow Podcast Episode 4 and as reported by, the Bantam Jeep Festival in Butler, PA set a world record for the biggest Jeep parade in history. 35,000 people saw over 1,400 Jeep vehicles participate in Friday's parade:
It was the Jeep Parade, the kick-off event for the Bantam Heritage Jeep Festival going on all weekend. Butler's mayor estimated there were 35,000 people at Friday's event.

The festival honors the 70th anniversary of Bantam Jeep, which was created in Butler.

Famous for its role in World War II, the little car has become a favorite with today's drivers. The brand Jeep also has evolved into a whole line of cars that were evident in the parade Friday.

The festival was spearheaded by Jack Cohen, executive director of the Butler County Tourism & Convention Bureau. The bureau organized and was the initial sponsor of the event.

On Friday evening, more than 1,400 Jeeps of all makes and models from across the country rode from Butler Community College on Route 8 to the heart of downtown Butler.

Congrats to everyone involved!

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