Drool-worthy 2011 AEV Jeep Wrangler Hemi Tested by Autoblog

Date 2011/8/16 8:40:20 | Topic: Wrangler

Wow. Go and read the report that those lucky bastards at AutoBlog wrote just as soon as you can. It'll be a few minutes before my jaw is off the floor...
AEV fits its JK Wranglers with a so-called high steer kit that optimizes steering and roll center geometry, allowing for better handling. This system also adds a larger steering damper to keep things steady and solid when turning. Of course, this all blends well with AEV's pièce de résistance, the 3.5-inch premium suspension lift kit. The company tells us this package was designed by former Jeep engineers. Special attention was paid to areas like overall suspension geometry and custom spring and shock tuning, to give the vehicle ride quality that's smooth on flat, paved roads, yet capable for off-road tasks. The whole setup includes – deep breath – frequency-tuned progressive rate springs, custom-tuned shocks, a geometry-corrected rear tower and trackbar, rear stabilizer end link, heavy-duty steering damper and front control arm drop brackets. They all work together to create an on-road driving experience that's unlike any other hardcore off-road vehicle. In our estimation, it's even better than the standard off-the-shelf Wrangler.

At around $75K, it's not cheap, but it looks like if you're going to spend that much on a modified Wrangler, it would be hard to find a better deal.

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