JeepNewsNow Podcast Episode 5: 2012 Wrangler

Date 2011/8/24 14:27:15 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Join Mike Anello, Frank Ledwell from, and Pearse Umlauf from Jeep Jamboree USA as they discuss some of the recent news in the Jeep community. On this episode, among other things they discuss the 2012 Wrangler, the 2012 Grand Cherokee price drop, and Jeep brand social media.

Five (Six!) Stories
Bantam Jeep Festival world record Jeep parade - 1,400 vehicles in the parade, approximately 35,000 spectators
2012 Grand Cherokee gets a price cut
2012 Wrangler announced - Shares 3.6L Pentastar V6 (285hp) and 5-speed transmission with GC, 21mpg
AEVís $75K Wrangler
JPFreek Adventure Magazine Reader Survey, , Sneak peak of August issue
The Jeep brand and social media YouTube, Twitter: @jeep, Facebook, Make History photo collage

Upcoming Jeep Events
Jeep Jamboree Laurel Highlands - Farmington, PA - 9/15/11
Jeep Jamboree French Lick, Indiana - 10/6/11

Picks of the week
Mike - DIY gadget car mount from office supplies
Pearse - 2012 Wrangler
Frank - 2012 Wrangler and the NEMO sleeping bag test program

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