Jeep Pushed Upscale?

Date 2011/11/9 9:56:27 | Topic: Sales

Automotive News has an interesting article on the sales success of the Jeep line and on it being pushed upscale into new territory.
The Compass' rise from scorned stepchild to a respected ride has made it an unlikely co-star in Jeep's resurgence. Jeep's comeback is the story of an Italian company that took over a legendary American brand and put an Englishman in charge.

With product tweaks, quality upgrades and focused marketing, the Europeans moved Jeep upscale.

"What we tried to do was bring it up to where it was in the past -- the No. 1 SUV brand in the world," says Michael Manley, the Englishman who is CEO of the Jeep brand.

Through the first 10 months of 2011, Jeep is the fastest-growing domestic brand, with sales up 44 percent. At its current rate, Jeep will sell 413,000 units this year, the most since Chrysler's 2009 bankruptcy. But that's still well shy of 1999, when Jeep set its sales record of 554,466.

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