Wrangler Production Increasing, Liberty Replacement Coming

Date 2012/2/2 19:29:10 | Topic: Wrangler

From The Toledo Blade:
Chrysler Group LLC will try to relieve some of the pressure on its Toledo Assembly plant’s busy Wrangler line by adding 25 workers per shift to produce an extra 100 vehicles per day, union officials said Tuesday.

The second half of the article is where things really get interesting... Regarding the yet-to-be-announced Liberty replacement:
As for the Toledo-built Jeep Liberty, production is still expected to end sometime this year, and officials say a replacement model will be in showrooms next year. The automaker has kept specifics of that model close to the vest. Aside from its originating from a Fiat platform, little has gotten out. Mr. Manley wasn’t eager to change that.

“It’s such an important vehicle for us, we have to get it right,” he said.

In Jeep enthusiast circles, there’s been concern and debate over whether the replacement will give up its off-road bona fides for a more carlike ride to appeal to international buyers.

To that question, Mr. Manley fired back one of his own.

“Let me ask you a question,” he said. “Do you think Grand Cherokee’s a Jeep?”

That’s rhetorical, of course. In Jeep’s eyes, the new Grand Cherokee stays true to the company’s spirt and go-anywhere capability while adding to its quality and on-road manners.

“I think we did it successfully with Grand Cherokee,” he said. “We will do it successfully with the Liberty replacement. As always, I listen to our Jeep customers, we respond to them, and we try to produce vehicles they’re very happy with and expand the Jeep family.”

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