Halftime in America Commercial

Date 2012/2/6 7:39:21 | Topic: Miscellaneous

SuperBowl XLVI had its share of great moments, but this 2-minute Chrysler commercial narrated by the greatly-in-need-of-a-lozenge Clint Eastwood generated a good deal of buzz. From Chrysler's media site:
Sometimes a secret kept is so much more effective than when it all leaks out. Oh sure, there were stories about who the talent would be, but the real story was the message, and that held until the spot aired just before the second half kickoff. Whether you've already seen the spot that aired during the 2012 NFL Championship game, or this is your first time, we think the combination of the message of hope, optimism and can-do spirit, and the powerful delivery by a unique talent, is just what the country needed. Afterall, how many times has a team come back in the second half?

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