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Date 2000/12/21 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

One of our most faithful readers stumbled across this picture over at AutoExpress, a British automobile web site - it looks like the 2002 Jeep Liberty (aka KJ, aka next-generation Cherokee) is definitely unmasked. Although we're no photo experts, this picture doesn't look like a fake to us!

Here's a snippet from the writeup accompanying the article:

Jeep is taking liberties with its latest launch the 'replacement' for its hugely successful Cherokee 4x4. The firm is to turn its back on followers dedicated to the rough-and-tumble image of the brand and has revealed the much-speculated newcomer, the Liberty.

Finally caving in to fashion-conscious consumers who are more concerned about image than off-road ability, Jeep has come up with a totally new package. It will debut at the Detroit Motor Show in two weeks' time and go on sale here in September.


The newcomer features the stiffest bodyshell of any Jeep to date, enhancing on and off-road capabilities. The Liberty is built around an entirely new chassis with independent front suspension, a link coil arrangement at the rear and wishbone arms three times the strength and weight of, say, a Ford Maverick's. However, although it looks slick on the outside, underneath it's built to tackle the toughest terrain...


Inside, the Liberty is a massive step forward. Design has been heavily influenced by the Jeepster concept seen in Detroit in 1998. It's more youthful and upbeat, without appearing tacky or retro, and boasts lots of extra space.

Those still wanting serious off-road ability may opt for an 'Up Country Suspension' package, which comprises three skid plates for underbody protection, tow hooks, suspension with an extra inch of travel, plus a Trak-Lok differential and load-levelling suspension.

But how confident is Jeep that the Liberty will be a success? Well, its introduction will boost production at the new factory in Toledo, Ohio, by 200,000 units. That's a great way to kick-start celebrations for the company's 60th anniversary in 2001. Jeep may be spreading its wings away from hardcore owners, but it will open the marque's appeal up to a far broader audience. The Liberty looks set to steer owners along the road of freedom.

Be sure to check out the entire article at the AutoExpress web site (free registration is required) - the article is located in the "news" section.

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