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Date 2001/5/30 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

We've had several readers send in their reviews of the 2002 Jeep Liberty. First up is a long time reader of mike's totally free jeep news, Bob:

Drove a new Liberty Limited with the "G" package, which is the top package
offered on the Liberty. The only other option included were heated seats. It
stickered just above $25.8K, which includes the package discount. Still, it
lacked ABS, tow package, off-road package, moonroof. You would think (hope)
the top-of-the-line Liberty would come standard with ABS and a moonroof.

I have to tell you, it was the best steering Jeep I've ever driven. The
vehicle felt tight as a drum. Quality appeared to be excellent. The rear
seating is very comfortable and quite roomyŚlight years better than the
Cherokee. All-in-all, it drove very nice, although it was a tad bumpy in
ride. It handled quite well, but it's no match for our Subaru Forester on a
windy road.

I was very impressed. Jeep is going to do great with this vehicle. I just
wish there was more "content" to the vehicle, and less "nickle-and-diming" in
terms of options. Again, the Forester is way ahead of the Liberty in this
area. The Forester is a "complete" vehicle as it stands. You need to add very
few, if any options to make it desirable.

I make reference to the Forester because 1) we own one [I know the vehicle
well], and 2) other cute-ute customers may be cross-shopping the new Jeep
with the Forester.

Here are some prices for various options:

Off-Road package: Sport = $765.00, Limited = $520.00
Tow package: Sport & Limited = $325.00
Tow package (if you order Off-Road package too): Sport & Limited = $245.00
Alloy wheels: Sport $310.00
Sunroof: Sport & Limited = $700.00

The dealer indicated that, according to his order book, you can only get A/T
tires on the Sport if you order the Off-Road package. A/T tires are a
no-charge option on the Limited.

Also, looking under the hood, there's a lot of space between the radiator and
the front of the engine. Looks like the 4.7L V8 might fit... Now there's a

Next up is a Jeep salesman from Minnesota:

I am a salesman at (name deleted) in the Twin cities, and have been
for the last 9 years.  Yesterday (5-24-01) we got our first four Liberty's
in.  We have over 100 in process(in shipping, or in production, or scheduled
for production).  The Liberty is a sweet vehicle.  The 3.7 liter V-6 is very
snappy.  The  5-speed automatic transaction is very smooth and you cannot
even feel the shift points.  The Liberty is extremely nice riding.  I drive a
Grand Cherokee and have been driving Jeeps for 15 plus years.  I have to have

In addition to these reviews, be sure to check out the Readers Reactions from the previous Liberty articles. If anyone has driven the Liberty and has had a negative reaction to it, please email us at and let us know!

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