2002 Grand Cherokee Overland, 2002 Wrangler Changes and More

Date 2001/7/18 0:00:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

We're back from our summer vacation, so let's get right back into things with some notes from around the Jeep World:

A reader tipped us off to a report in "Automotive News" that reads in part:

Jeep will expand its range with new models but is mum about its plans. But the compact Liberty sport-utility - aimed at younger, richer consumers - hints at Jeep's new philosophy. Meanwhile, the next-generation Grand Cherokee will be developed jointly with Mercedes' M class.

Our friends over at the All Fours Jeep Club have a list of all the changes in the 2002 Wrangler. Among the changes are a new model with a 4.0L engine and cloth seats standard and changes to some of the optional equipment including wheels, exterior colors, and sound systems. Here's the link with the complete list: http://www.jeepclub.co.uk/news/2002tj.html

The All Fours Jeep Club also tipped us off to an article that says that due to bugdetary restraints, new versions of the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee have been dropped for the present time. Here's a snippet:

When they were first planned, the all-new Wrangler (TK) and Grand Cherokee (WK/YK) were to be based loosely on the new Jeep Libertyís platform. The Liberty is a new vehicle that strays from Jeepís traditional solid-axle chassis setup by using an independent front suspension (IFS). A small number of Jeep purists have raised concerns that the IFS lessens the off-road capabilities of the vehicle, particularly in extreme rock-crawling situations, which require a high degree of suspension articulation. However, the on-road dynamics of the Liberty are far superior to those of the Cherokee, which the Liberty was supposed to replace.

Check out the whole article.

We've recently received some information about a new version of the Grand Cherokee for the 2002 model year, dubbed the "Overland". Here's a snippet:

Thought you might want to know about the Top dog offering at Jeep. It will be called the Overland it will come standard with a beefed up version of the 4.7V8 word is it will put out over 250hp. It will be loaded with a lot on new luxury options, such as Real wood trim, wood and leather steering wheel, rain sensing windshield wipers, two tone leather seats, side airbag curtain front and rear, standard up country suspension, and more.

We'll have more details on this cool-sounding Grand Cherokee in the next few days...


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