Stong Jeep Liberty Sales Prompt Production Increase

Date 2001/8/2 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

Sales results for the month of July are in, and sales of the new Jeep Liberty are looking very strong. According to DaimlerChrysler, a total of 10,562 units were sold in July, compared with 8,884 in the month of June. The brisk sales of the Liberty have reportadly prompted DaimlerChrysler to increase this year's production run of the Liberty by 60,000 vehicles. Here's a look at Jeep's sales for the past month:

    DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary, Thru July 2001 Month Sales DR % Sales CYTD DR % Model Curr Pr Change Curr Pr Change Yr Yr Yr Yr Wrangler                      6068    8128   -25%    42871    55557  -23%
    Cherokee                      6208    9550   -35%    66793    80556  -17%
    Liberty                      10562       0     0%    21048        0    0%
    Grand Cherokee               18627   24610   -24%   126158   157010  -20%
    JEEP BRAND                   41465   42288    -2%   256870   293123  -12%

As is evident from the data, sales of all Jeeps, except for the Liberty were down when compared with the same period last year. This is right in line with the 9% downward national trend of all U.S. automakers. See this article for information about U.S. auto sales for the month of July. Here's a snippet from the DaimlerChrysler press release regarding the Liberty's sales:

Jeep® Liberty sales remain strong, selling 10,562 units in July, up 24 percent compared to last month when there were 8,884 sales. ``As production and dealer inventories increase, we look for even stronger Jeep Liberty sales,'' added Gary Dilts, Senior Vice President - Sales. ``Customers are telling us they like Jeep Liberty's versatility and its bold styling.''

For the Chrysler's group complete sales numbers, check out this article.

In related news, the Jeep Grand Cherokee continued to be one of the top 20 best selling vehicles in the month of July, appearing in the 14th spot. This is a drop of 2 places from July, 2000. As usual, the top spot was occupied by the Ford F-Series Pickup. Here's the complete list.

Finally today, we've received a reader report that DaimlerChrysler will be announcing its prices for the 2002 Wrangler on Friday, August 3, with production scheduled to begin on August 6.

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