Possible Strike at Jeep Assembly?

Date 2001/9/26 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The Toledo Blade is reporting that internal problems at the Toledo, Ohio Jeep assembly plant have recently prompted the United Auto Workers (UAW) to threaten to call for a strike vote as early as September 27 if conditions aren't improved. Here's a snippet:
Labor tensions at Toledo Jeep Assembly Plant came to a head this week after the workers' union gave DaimlerChrysler AG about three weeks to reassign jobs based on seniority, return parts-stamping dies, address high-level health and safety grievances, and make other changes.

Otherwise, workers making the all-new Jeep Liberty and venerable Jeep Wrangler will take an immediate strike vote, leaders of United Auto Workers Local 12's Jeep unit said in a letter to members yesterday and obtained by The Blade.

Local 12 gave the automaker a 15 working days notice on Tuesday to make specified changes because the union says management took away joint programs, including a type of job-sharing plan to let higher-seniority workers voluntarily take one- or two-week layoffs in place of lower-seniority workers, according to the letter.


About 1,720 of 5,650 temporary and permanent workers were laid off from the plant this summer after the automaker stopped making the Jeep Cherokee and curbed Wrangler production.

Some low-seniority workers, however, have remained on the job instead of being bumped by those with more seniority, and the union wants working seniority adjusted throughout Toledo Jeep.

About 200 to 250 parts-stamping jobs were eliminated at the Jeep Parkway factory, and union leaders want that work and some workers returned.

Workers making the Liberty, meanwhile, have been putting in 10-hour days and many Saturdays to keep up with vehicle demand.

While the union wants to add a third shift, the company wants first wants to be sure the demand lasts.
We'll keep on top of this story and let you know what develops...

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