Yep, More 1999 Grand Cherokee Info

Date 1998/6/23 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

As promised, we have a couple more pictures of the 99GC:

In a surprise development, we found something useful on the official Jeep web site! If you have Quicktime installed, you can check out 3-D panoramas of the interior and exterior of the new Grand Cherokee.

Here's some information (from Chrysler) about the new Quadra-Trac II system:

This completely new concept in four-wheel drive systems marks the first use in any sport-utility vehicle of the new Quadra-Trac II transfer case that incorporates a progressive, speed-sensing torque transfer differential. Without any driver involvement, the Quadra-Drive system keeps the vehicle moving even if only one wheel has minimal traction. The system also marks the first industry use of Vari-Lok axles that have a progressive, speed-sensing torque transfer differential in both the front and rear axle.

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