Jeep vs. Hummer, Round 3? 4? 5?

Date 2002/4/15 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

DaimlerChrysler taking its case to the Federal Appeals Court

From the associated press...

DaimlerChrysler has asked a federal judge for a halt in preparations for the trial over the Hummer H2 grille, saying it wants to see how an appeals court rules. 

Lawyers for DaimlerChrysler told U.S. District Judge Robert L. Miller Jr. in an April 2 filing said that his February decision to deny a preliminary injunction forbidding use of the grille by General Motors "will effectively dispose of the case unless reversed by the Court of Appeals." 

At issue in a lawsuit brought by Jeep owner DaimlerChrysler against AM General Corp. and its partner, GM, is the seven-slot grille used on both the Jeep and H2. 

DaimlerChrysler is working to get the case before the appeals court as quickly as possible, company spokeswoman Elaine Lutz told the South Bend Tribune for a story Friday. 

DaimlerChrysler had planned to seek a permanent injunction against AM General and GM at a December trial which would forbid the companies from selling any H2s with a Hummer grille. 

AM General is in the early stages of producing the H2 at its Mishawaka plant under contract with GM, owner of the Hummer brand. The H2 is modeled on the famous military Humvee made by AM General and the civilian H1 model.


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