Problems Hooking Up a Trailer to a Jeep Liberty?

Date 2002/5/1 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

One of our readers ran into an interesting problem while trying to hook up a trailer to his new Jeep Liberty

We recently had one of our readers email us with the following problem:

Got the scoop on the 2002 Liberty with the factory installed trailer towing package.
It won't work.....
The spare tire is mounted so that it will not allow a trailer coupler to attach to it. Tried at various trailer hitch retailers to find a tube long enough to extend beyond the tire. No Luck...
31 years a Chrysler employee (retired)
What do you think of that ?????

The reader also sent us a photo which further explains the problem he's having - has anyone else seen this issue? What is the best solution?


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