Dakar in Production

Date 1998/6/26 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

According to Jeep Toys, (be warned, the links are a little slow) the Jeep Dakar concept vehicle is now being manufactured...as a toy. Our contact writes:
Guess what, the Dakar has reached production !!!!! Well, in 1/32 scale anyway. It has the folding shovels that the real Dakar has, but not the folding safari top. A more realistic sun roof is used. This model is licensed by Chrysler, so it looks like they are being serious about the Dakar concept. I heard they are going to make it a unibody and replace the Cherokee with it. [photo]

The 1/32 scale Dakar is manufactured by Speedy Power. Speedy Power is a trademark owned by Toymark Co. Ltd. The base of the model is obviously CJ or YJ inspired as it has leaf springs! I bought it at a local toy store, they have a web site, but no mention of die casts: www.toys-toys-toys.com I don't know if all Chrysler dealerships are doing this, but the one near my house is now staring to carry models of all their vehicles.

More on the Jeep Dakar in the next issue...

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