Jeep Brand Among Best at Retaining Value

Date 2002/8/16 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

The Jeep brand has been named one of the best car brands at retaining its value after 3 years.

Automotive Lease Guide's ranking of vehicles best judged to retain their original values. Percentages reflect the portion of the manufacturer's suggested retail price retained after three years. Ranks for below-average brands, which included most U.S. carmakers, were not specified.

Non-luxury brands:

1. Volkswagen: 52.2 percent

2. Honda, 49.7 percent

3. Toyota, 49.0 percent

4. Subaru, 47.8 percent

5. Nissan, 45.8 percent

6. Jeep, 44.1 percent

7. GMC, 42.6 percent

Non-luxury average residual for 2002 Model Year: 41.8 percent.

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