Five New Jeep® Brand TV Ads Debut This Month

Date 2002/9/25 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Check out a summary of each of the new ads.

The Jeep® brand of DaimlerChrysler will debut later this month five new television ads sporting a new tag line -- "Only in a Jeep®" -- while emphasizing the lengendary attributes of the world's most successful 4 x 4 vehicles. The five 30-second TV spots were created by BBDO Detroit, the agency of record for general market advertising and marketing initiatives for Chrysler Group, and GlobalHue, the company's multicultural advertising and marketing agency.

The three BBDO Detroit ads are:

"Jenny" (Jeep Wrangler) - Three young men enter a rustic restaurant and notice three young women sitting at a table. They are clearly attracted to one another. One of the women writes something on a napkin and drops it near the men as she leaves. Intrigued, the men pick up the napkin, drive off and arrive at a beautiful waterfall where the women are waiting. The lead man and woman exchange glances, while the voice-over says, "Jeep Wrangler owners speak their own language." The camera reveals the napkin, which has the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location and the woman's name: Jenny. The ad uses "You're An Original," sung by Sheryl Crow.

"Seal Pup" (Jeep Liberty Renegade) - The spot opens on a snowy, rugged terrain. A Jeep Liberty Renegade approaches from the distance, maneuvering masterfully over the jagged terrain. Near the rocky shore, the driver stops, his lights revealing a stranded seal pup lying on the ice. After surveying the situation, the driver, who is a fisherman, retrieves an object from the rear of the vehicle. It is an ice chisel. He stands above the seal pup, raising the ice chisel above his head and forcefully bringing it down in the vicinity of the seal pup. Rather than harm the animal, the fisherman creates a hole in the ice surface so that the stranded seal pup can reunite with it's mother.

"Guardrail" (Full-line) - A mother and child are driving on a treacherous mountain road during a severe thunderstorm. Ahead of her, a lightning bolt strikes the guardrail, sending a section of it down the mountainside, leaving a dangerous gap. Hundreds of feet below, the rail lands in front of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Liberty Sport and Wrangler Sport. Realizing the woman driver is at risk, the Jeep vehicles drive up the rugged mountainside. They reach the road, positioning themselves side by side, replacing the missing guardrail. The inclement weather forces the mother to lose control of her car and she hits the guardrail. She regains control and continues safely, thanks to the Jeep vehicles filling in the gap created by the missing guardrail.

The two GlobalHue ads are:

"Climbing" (Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo) - A Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo is climbing up an extremely tough and steep hillside. From offscreen comes the sound of clanking metal. As the Cherokee continues to churn through the rugged terrain, the sound is revealed: tin cans attached to the rear of the vehicle. A sign in the rear window reads, "Just Married." The groom is at the wheel, happy and relaxed. Through a series of flashbacks, the joy of the bride and groom's special day is replayed, as well as the role played by the Grand Cherokee. The spot ends with the couple reaching their destination, a beautiful honeymoon lodge at the top of a wooded area. "Climbing" demonstrates the Grand Cherokee's toughness and capability, as well as its ability to be smooth and elegant for special occasions. "Climbing" will be aired in English and Spanish.


(Jeep Liberty Renegade) - The opening scene is an aerial view of a modern cityscape at night. Below, a mobile pager flashes a message: "Meet me at the spot." The Jeep Liberty Renegade then begins its journey to "the spot," descending a ramp into a dark concrete tunnel. Though the terrain is rough, the Liberty maneuvers over obstacles smoothly and gracefully. The scene shifts to a pulsating dance floor, where young people dance with abandon. This can only be "the spot." As the roar of the excited crowd grows louder, the Liberty Renegade takes center stage, its powerful headlamps cutting through the smokey atmosphere. The music and dancers go into overdrive as a sign of their approval that the Liberty Renegade has finally arrived.

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