2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Spy Photos

Date 2002/10/22 0:00:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

The first spy pictures of the 2004 Grand Cherokee have hit the web.

One of our faithful readers recently sent us this link to an article and some photos of the 2004 Grand Cherokee (free registration  required):


While we not posting the images here (for copyright reasons), here's a snippet of the article that accompanies the photos:

As these pictures show (or don't show—more on that in a minute), the 2004 version carries over the current model's lower-body cladding, pull-type door handles, rear hatch shape, and taillight arrangement. In the photo with two vehicles, the one on the left is a 2002 model and the one on the right is the 2004; note how similar their profiles are. In other words, don't expect any radical styling changes on the next big Jeep—other than those cool-looking alloy wheels on the prototype.

To my eye, the wheelbase on the 2004 looked longer than the current model's. Also, the camouflage was heaviest around the back quarter panels (as evidenced by the bulge and duct-tape stripes on the back). Both of these observations lead me to believe that the next Grand Cherokee will follow its GM and Ford competitors in offering a third-row seat.

Another source of ours offers this information about availability of 2003 Grand Cherokees:

the last day for us to order the 2003 Grand Cherokee is 2 PM tommorow. The factory will be down for retooling late December, and Janurary production of the 2004 models will be limited

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