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J.D. Power and Associates Ranks Highest in its 2002 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study

Chrysler Group announced today that its consumer Web site ranked highest on the J.D. Power and Associates 2002 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study for its usefulness to consumers in the areas of navigation, appearance/presentation, and relevance of information provided.

"This ranking from J.D. Power and Associates represents over a year of determination and hard work to better understand and implement what our consumers want in a Web site," said Jeff Bell, Vice President for Jeep Marketing and Business to Consumer/CRM at the Chrysler Group. "They are looking for the most up-to-date vehicle information in a manner that is efficient and user-friendly, yet provides an interesting twist of entertainment, leaving a memorable impression about what our Jeep brand means to them. We will continue this dedicated focus for all of our marketing e-tools."

In the last evaluation study released in May 2002, ranked eleventh. Chrysler Group also improved its ranking positions in the study with its and brand sites. jumped into the top ten by ranking seventh, up from its 25th rank in the May 2002 study. made a steady improvement, landing at 23 in the study, up from 27th in May.

"We've set the bar high for our brand sites and we will continue to enhance them to fit the ever-changing needs of the sophisticated, online automotive shopper," stated Bell. "Chrysler Group e-tools are designed to help consumers with making their purchase decisions while online."

Chrysler Group launches Game Zone on

Don't have a dog but have always wondered what it would be like to play Frisbee with one? Or, what the thrill and excitement feels like when rescuing stranded SUV's in the middle of nowhere in your Jeep® Grand Cherokee? Well, wonder no more by logging on to the experiences at's new "Game Zone."

"With the increasing number of on-line automotive consumers, we wanted an innovative approach to creating brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty and educating the consumers on Jeep vehicles at the same time," stated Bell. "Gaming is a fresh alternative to the standard marketing approach. It completely immerses the user within the brand while delivering key marketing messages."

Game Zone is a designated site on designed for the gamer in all of us. Once logged onto Game Zone, the player selects his or her dream Jeep vehicle and color. Vehicle choices range from a Jeep Liberty Renegade, Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland or a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The selected Jeep vehicle is then featured either as the key vehicle in each of the games or is positioned in the background. Once the Jeep vehicle is selected, the user can then select his or her game of choice.

The first of several games to appear on Game Zone include "Disc Dogger" and "Jeep Rescue Patrol." Disc Dogger features the gamer and a dog playing Frisbee for points. The game can be played in different customizable environments ranging from a mountainous winter paradise, or a serene wooded setting, to a rolling sandy beach. The dog is customizable as well with such breed options as a Border collie, Labrador retriever, or your standard, loveable mutt.

Jeep Rescue Patrol includes your choice of a rugged Jeep vehicle to rumble around canyons and streams to rescue stranded SUVs out of unfortunate predicaments. The game player can also help clean the environment by picking up the litter non-Jeep owners have left behind. After each successful rescue the user is brought to a new challenge level revealing more obstacles and complicated routes. Once a challenge round is complete, a pop-up screen appears containing interesting factoids on Jeep's rich history.

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