What the Heck is a JXDVDBB?

Date 2003/1/27 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

DaimlerChrysler licenses the Jeep name to all kinds of interesting products...

Do you have your JXDVDBB yet? If not - what are you waiting for!? The better question is this: what is a JXDVDBB? For those of you not "in the know", JXDVDBB stands for the "Jeep Color TV/DVD/Radio/Flashlight/Lantern/Boombox". Got $600 to spare? Then you need one of these!

Here's a snippet of an article we found on Forbes.com about this product:

Your next fishing or camping trip--or any other occasion where the nearest power outlet is the cigarette lighter of your car--need not be without your favorite DVD movie. DaimlerChrysler has licensed its Jeep brand name to a line of interesting electronic products that combine a plethora of devices into one.

It's called the Jeep Color TV/DVD/Radio/Flashlight/Lantern/Boombox, or just the JXDVDBB for short. Its main feature is a 5-inch LCD screen TV that can tune in both VHF and UHF TV channels over the air (remember those?) and display movies from the integrated DVD player. There's also a radio that tunes in standard AM/FM stations as well as the NOAA weather band that will automatically lock in on the nearest government weather station with the most up-to-date weather and emergency information.

It also has a motion alarm detector, a compass (what, no GPS?), a thermometer, a built-in flashlight, an emergency flasher and space to store DVDs and CDs. It even repels mosquitoes.

The full article also shows a photo of the JXDVDBB and mentions that it won't be available until the fall.

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