Liberty Wrangler Edition, 2004 Grand Cherokee?

Date 2003/2/25 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

The rumored Jeep Liberty Wrangler Edition is a rumor no more, what's up with the Canadian Jeep site?

A few months back, the guys over at reported on a rumored Jeep Liberty Wagoneer Edition that might be making its way to your Jeep dealer's showroom. We can confirm that this is now true. During a recent visit to our local Jeep dealership earlier this week, we viewed the Wagonner Edition - with similated wood-grain and all! While we here at mike's totally free jeep news love the original Wagoneer (we'd be driving one today if it wasn't for the horrendous gas mileage), our initial reaction to the Wagoneer Edition Liberty was just ho-hum. It turns out that it is just a Jeep Liberty Limited with the Wagoneer wood-grain exterior.

If you have a chance, take a look at's original article - it contains a photo of the Liberty Wagoneer Edition.

On another front, we recently received an email with this link to the Canadian Jeep Web site. What makes this odd is that all of the specs for the Grand Cherokees are for the 2004 models - including photos which display a subtle change in the Grand Cherokee's styling. Perhaps the best comparison is between this page and this page. Differences we've noticed include the round fog lights on the 2004 versus a more "rectangular" fog light on the 2003. Also note the vertical angle of the 7-slotted grill - in the 2004 model, it appear to be much more "vertical" than the 2003 model.

We're not exactly sure why the 2004 Grand Cherokees are being diplayed on the - if you can shed some light on the subject, we'd love to hear your take on it!

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