Jeep Sales Down

Date 2003/5/2 0:00:00 | Topic: Sales

Jeep sales dropped across the board in April compared to a year ago.
Chrysler Group reported sales of 187,086 units in April 2003, a 10 percent decline compared with April 2002, calculated on a day-rate basis.

"April was a tough month for the automotive industry," said Gary Dilts, Chrysler Group Senior Vice President - Sales. "Although the market was soft in April, looking forward, we see positive indicators. The affordability index is the best it's been in the past 25 years and interest rates remain at near all-time lows. With combat in Iraq reaching its conclusion and consumer confidence on the rise, we believe consumers will take advantage of the unprecedented values in the market," said Dilts. "The time to buy has never been better."

The all-new Chrysler Pacifica posted sales of 1,806 units in April, and there are more than 27,000 dealer orders in the system. "Pacifica has been very well received by customers, dealers and the media," added Dilts.

Chrysler Group's top seller for the month was the Dodge Ram pickup truck. Dodge sold 35,638 units of the Ram in April, a one-percent increase compared to April 2002.

Chrysler Group finished the month with 511,518 units of inventory, or a 71-day supply, that is in-line with industry standards.

DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary Thru April 2003
                          Month Sales       DR %     Sales CYTD         DR %
  Model                Curr Yr    Pr Yr   Change   Curr Yr   Pr Yr    Change

  Wrangler               5,888     6,108    -7%    19,115    18,495      3%
  Liberty               12,845    12,437    -1%    50,050    47,317      6%
  Grand Cherokee        16,189    19,142   -19%    58,710    70,449    -17%
  JEEP BRAND            34,922    37,687   -11%   127,875   136,261     -6%

Overall April Jeep sales were down 11% compared to April, 2002, mainly due to poor Grand Cherokee sales which were down 19%.

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