Women's Rock Crawling Championship

Date 2003/5/9 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Want to see all the best action from a recent rock crawling competition for women...

We've never heard of this event until this press release landed in our inbox...

The Latest Women's Rock Crawling Video Hits the Market

The action-packed coverage from the Skyjacker National Rock Crawling Championship for Women 2002 Series can now be seen in a great, new video!  Prescribed for those who require a daily dose of broken hubs, find delight in crushing roll-bars and those who habitually inhale burning rubber, this video delivers a powerful image of what women’s rock crawling is today.

The cast includes rock slamming divas and a list of the most envied spotters in the sport – each immune to all the elements and destined for Rock Star Glory. You can feel the intensity & watch the courage and carnage that these women (and men) go through for the passionate sport we call ‘Rock Crawling’. The video was taped on the primitive rugged terrains of Johnson Valley, California and Cedar City, Utah during the 2002 Skyjacker National Rock Crawling Championship for Women series events.

View a Trailer of the video now at Skyjacker's newest website, www.skyjacker.tv. You'll find several other videos to watch while you are there.

Mark your calendars for the 2003 Skyjacker National Rock Crawling Championship for Women; August 21-23 at Avalanche Ranch near Durango, Colorado. You can register now at http://www.rockcrawler.org/2003_schedule.htm


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