Jack McClain: 2-Year Old Jeep Driver

Date 2003/5/29 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

It seems little Jack took his toy Jeep for a late night drive

One of our readers sent us the info on this story from KHOU in Houston:

You never know who you'll run into in the middle of the night.

Early Thursdsay morning, it was a two-year old in pajamas.

A west Houston resident on his way to an early morning workout spotted little Jack McClain around 3 a.m.
, driving his battery-operated car down the street.

The child had driven his toy car nearly a mile from his home and had reached the corner of
Enclave Parkway and Eldridge Parkway
, a major westside intersection. He then turned onto Eldridge into the direction of oncoming traffic.

That's when the resident stopped his vehicle and, along with another motorist, removed Jack from harm's way.


"It just scared us to death," said Don McClain, Jack's father. "I was so upset, but just thankful. I didn't know how to feel."

He told police this wasn't the first time his son had wandered around at night. "He's gotten up and out of his bedroom in the middle of the night before, but never out of the house," Don McClain said.

McClain said he'd bought some new locks, including one for Jack's room, and thought he had the problem fixed. "He's really an intelligent little boy. We just put chimes up on his door. He's figured out how to pick his lock. He knows how to circumvent the chimes. He's a Houdini."

McClain said Jack managed to get in the family Suburban where he made a cell phone call to the house around 1:45 a.m.
That's how they figured out how long he was on the lam. Jack then used the garage door opener so he could take off for an adventure in his battery-powered jeep.

Police managed to find out Jack's address because he was carrying his mother's keys which included a membership card for her gym.

McClain said they realize the outcome could have been very different. "It scares us to death, I mean we're so fortunate. It's a miracle that he got back home safe."

McClain said they plan to secure Jack's room and the rest of the house even more with deadbolt locks. They'll also lock their cars at night.

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