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Date 2003/7/15 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We've made some subtle and long-awaited changes to our site...

How many times has this happened to you: an issue of "Jeep News Blast!" (our monthly email newsletter that is delivered to your inbox in either glorious HTML-format or efficient plaintext - register here to subscribe) arrives lands in your inbox and you click on a link for one of the stories and you get a message saying that you need to "reset your cookie". So, you click the link, enter your email address and hit the button - but it doesn't work! Pretty infuriating, huh? We're willing to bet that the next words out of your mouth are something like, "this flippin' site sucks".

Well, rest assured, we have finally gotten the message (and it only took 2 or 3 vicious emails a month for the past 5 years for us to get it) and have removed all barriers between you and the Jeep News Archive. No longer do you need to be a registered member to view articles in the archive! No longer will you need to have your cookie periodically reset! You are free! Go and read!

So now, what is the point of registering for the site? Simple - our wonderful little email newsletter: Jeep News Blast! It's delivered around the first of every month to your inbox with links to all the articles we've posted in the previous month.

And another thing...

We've also listened to the 47 readers (yes, we've been keeping track) who emailed us and asked us to create a version of Jeep News Headlines in RSS format. What is RSS format? It is a popular XML format for syndicating site content. What does that mean to you? Nothing if you don't want to put our headlines on your Web site or want to include them in your news aggregator (like NewsMonster). Interested the gory details? Here's our RSS feed:

Have any other ideas for our site that you'd like to see implemented? As always, you can either email us at or just post a Reader Reaction to this article.

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