Scramblin' for Information

Date 2003/8/25 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

We've been getting some conflicting reports about the Jeep Scrambler.

We've received some conflicting reports about the fate of the possibly future Jeep Scrambler. To begin with, JP Magazine is reporting that the Scrambler has been cancelled. Here's what one of our readers had to say about what he saw in JP Magazine:

Hopefully this is not true, but I saw in the current (September?) issue of JP magazine that DC is not going to produce the scrambler for the US. With all of the press on the future vehicle, I hope JP magazine is incorrect, but since they are one of the few Jeep only magazines, you have to wonder.

Then, just a couple of days ago, we got in this report:

There are more signs of a green light on Scrambler. After talking with a local DC dealer about mid-size pickups such as Dakota and the upcoming Chevy Colorado, I asked him if these rumors I've been seeing about a Jeep Scambler were true, or just rumors about new jeeps that we've been hearing for years. He said that just the other day he and other dealers had received more info about an upcoming Jeep Scrambler as a 2005 model offered sometime middle to late 2004. He wouldn't confirm the longer wheelbase or give me any details over the telephone...

We tried to talk to our local dealer about the Scrambler, but they're on to us and won't give us any info (either that or they're clueless).

Anyone else hear anything?


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