Additional Info on Compass and Another Jeep Debuting in 2004

Date 2003/8/31 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Popular Mechanics runs a (very!) brief summary of 2 new Jeep nameplates.

I'm a sucker for spy shots. With that in mind, I was checking out and saw this snippet on Jeep's plans for the 2004 model year in their "Spy Reports" area:

2004 Jeep Compass

Word out of DaimlerChrysler is that the Compass will definitely be coming to your Jeep dealer within a year. Simply stated, the Compass is a modified Liberty. The major difference from the Liberty is the 2-door body style. Another difference, this more important to Jeep, is that the Compass will be less costly to build than the Liberty. Jeep wants an entry-level model in the Liberty line, and instead of taking features out of the Liberty, the company plans to have the new Compass fill that bill.

2004 Baby Jeep

Reports say that two low-priced Jeeps will make their appearance in dealer showrooms starting in the 2004 model year. Slightly smaller than the Liberty, the new models will feature fewer frills, smaller engines, and niceties that normally boost SUV prices out of reach of younger buyers. The aim is to get buyers into the Jeep fold at an earlier age. What will the new vehicles look like? They'll be easily recognizable as Jeep products, similar in exterior design to Jeep Compass and Willys2 concepts.

Want to see more spy photos and reports? Check out the entire article.

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