August Jeep Sales Figures

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Strong Wrangler Sales, Liberty and Grand Cherokee Down a Bit.
Chrysler Group reported U.S. sales of 190,388 units in August, a six-percent decline compared to August 2002 when 210,855 vehicles were sold, calculated on a day-rate basis. August 2002 was the second-best August for vehicle sales in the company's history.
Dodge Ram was the volume leader for the company, posting an August sales record of 43,824 units. Ram was up 12 percent over August 2002 when 40,440 were sold. Ram's sales for the 2003 calendar year to date were the highest on record, 302,480 units, eclipsing the 1999 eight-month total of 292,413 units.
Jeep(R) Wrangler sales of 6,797 units were up four percent over August 2002, when 6,794 were sold.
   DaimlerChrysler Corporation U.S. Sales Summary Thru August 2003
                         Month Sales      DR %         Sales CYTD      DR %
         Model         Curr Yr    Pr Yr  Change   Curr Yr      Pr Yr  Change
  Wrangler               6,797    6,794     4%     46,908     44,484     6%
  Liberty               16,352   21,511   -21%    108,296    108,739     0%
  Grand Cherokee        20,050   23,298   -11%    128,340    146,763   -12%
    JEEP BRAND          43,199   51,603   -13%    283,544    299,986    -5%
Looking at the numbers a little more - it appears that Wrangler sales are the only bright spot in the Jeep sales numbers. Both Liberty and Grand Cherokee sales saw double-digit declines versus August of 2002, while the Grand Cherokee is down 12-percent overall from 2002.

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