Teenager Trapped Under Jeep Uses Jack to Get Free

Date 2003/10/9 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Ex-Wrestler is able to reach his Jeep's jack to raise the Jeep to free his leg.

Remember the guy who cut off his arm to free himself from the boulder in the canyon? Well, this story is quite as good, but it's close.

We normally don't post two stories in a single day (we don't want our readers to get used to such high standards), but when we saw this story as one of the leads on CNN.com, we had to do something. Here's a snippet from the article:

An 18-year-old former wrestler whose leg became pinned under his overturned Jeep managed to reach a car jack, ratchet up the vehicle and free himself.

As college freshman Clancy Wright lay trapped last week, he said he thought of the climber whose arm had been pinned by a boulder last spring.

"I didn't want to cut my leg off like the guy who cut off his arm," Wright said.

Wright was driving alone October 2 at a popular off-road area near Minersville, about 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, when his Jeep rolled, pinning his left leg under a corner of the windshield and part of a roll bar.

He was able to reach a jack in the vehicle.

He said he tried three times to find the right placement for it under the roll bar. Wright, who wrestled as a heavyweight last year in high school and took fifth place in his division, eventually was able to lift the Jeep.

"As the pressure released, I could feel the blood rush out of the leg," he told The Salt Lake Tribune in Thursday's editions.

Be sure to check out the entire article. And somebody buy this kid a beer for us when he turns 21. Thanks.

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