New Jeep Concept Vehicle - the Treo

Date 2003/10/21 0:00:00 | Topic: Concept/Demonstration

DaimlerChrysler unveils a radically different kind of Jeep

Hardcore Jeepers, you may want to just skip this story - or go grab some Tums.

DaimlerChrysler used the Toyko Motor Show to introduce a new concept vehicle - the "Treo" - a zero-emission offroad vehicle.

Multiple Web sites are covering the vehicle, here's a snippet from

A fuel-cell powerplant with zero emissions is anticipated by the design, as is an electric powertrain that would give the Treo all-wheel drive. The classic Jeep seven-slot grille is in evidence on the stubby nose; the rear seats fold flat to allow a third passenger or a mountain bike to ride in back.

Tiscali Motoring has the following:

Inside, the Jeep Treo provides space for three passengers or 'two-plus-gear' in a cabin that creates an open feel in what is actually a fairly compact vehicle. Underneath, Treo is based on an all-new platform designed to utilise drive-by-wire technology and a zero-emission fuel cell - or some other advanced powerplant of the future - along with an electric-drive powertrain that gives Treo full-time four-wheel drive capability.

"The Treo is a vivid new interpretation of where the Jeep brand could go in the future using the freedom of fuel cell technology. It truly exemplifies the idea of 'fluid imagination' thinking in a stunning, unexpected package," said Trevor Creed, Chrysler Group's Senior Vice President of Design. "Jeep Treo has a form and a presence that challenge the brand's traditional dimensions, but in the end, can still be viewed as being authentically Jeep."

Here are some links for further photos and information:
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