Jeep Assembly Plant in Toledo, Ohio to Expand?

Date 2003/11/5 0:00:00 | Topic: Facilities

An Ohio television station breaks the story about the expansion large enough to add an additional assembly line.

Here's more evidence pointing to the rumors that Jeep will be expanding their product lineup. From

An expansion of the Jeep operation could be on the way. The News Channel has learned that DaimlerChrysler may be pursuing a major addition to the north Toledo assembly plant, the home of the Jeep Liberty.

The company is reportedly looking for ways to add more jobs here in Toledo. So now, it looks like DaimlerChrysler is taking bids for a massive expansion of the existing site.

The News Channel has obtained a document detailing the proposed expansion. DaimlerChrysler is apparently seeking bids for the design and construction of a 450,000 square foot addition to the new Jeep plant located on Stickney avenue. The structure would increase the plant's total size by one third, making it large enough to produce new vehicle lines.

Be sure to check out the entire article.

New Aussie Jeep Magazine

A reader from down under gave us the heads up on a new Jeep-oriented magazine - check it out at

Scrambler Photo?

A couple of readers also gave us the heads up that some sort of photo of the forthcoming Jeep Scrambler is appearing the current issue of FHM magazine. We don't subscribe to FHM, but if someone could scan and email us the photo...

Update (11/6/2003) - Several readers have emailed us and let us know that the photo in FHM is virtually identical to the spy shot posted at (we did a story about that spy shot here).

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