More Details on all-new 2005 Grand Cherokee, Other Notes

Date 2003/11/25 0:00:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

2005 Grand Cherokee, Liberty Renegade, Wrangler Unlimited, Wrangler assembly, and legal trouble for a fellow Jeep Web site operator.

Our friends in the great white north (specifically, recently published a nice wrap-up of DaimlerChrysler's recent preview of its 2005 models. Here's some snippets:

a group of about 200 North American journalists took the opportunity to see a mock up of the all-new 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It features completely new and original double rounded front headlamp clusters, angular taillights, and a roofline that shows some resemblance to the Dodge Magnum when seen from the rear. It will be the first Jeep to boast HEMI V8 power, 47 percent more output than the previous top V8, and join the Liberty with an independent front suspension.


an updated 2005 Liberty Renegade was shown too. It sports a new wider and flatter grille, updated front fascia and revised front fender combination, the latter which integrate thin horizontal blinkers at its base. The Renegade specific trim features beefier fender swells. Not shown but important nonetheless, Liberty will feature a new Italian made 2.8-L common rail turbodiesel next year, the first time such a fuel efficient engine choice will be offered in the Jeep brand.


A stretched Jeep TJ was officially introduced as the Wrangler Unlimited (see 2005 Jeep Scrambler Preview in archives), after having made an unofficial debut earlier in the year at the NADA conference. The modernized Scrambler, that will be designated TJ Unlimited in Canada, features a 10-inch extension to the wheelbase pushing its overall length to an increase of 15-inches. Ten inches has been added to the cargo area, the TJ's weakest point. Maximum towing will be 3,500 lbs. The Unlimited will find a loyal following among Jeep buyers, while offering a more practical alternative to those who might not have considered the rough and ready off-roader before.

Be sure to check out the entire article - on page 4, there's an image of the Wrangler Unlimited.

Future Wranglers to Be Assembled Somewhere Other Than Toledo? is running a story about labor talks at Jeep Assembly in Toledo, Ohio and how current contract negotiations are centered around keeping the Wrangler production in Toledo. Why is it even a question? Mainly due to the fact that part of the factory is the longest running automotive plant in the United and needs some upgrades. Check out the entire article.

Legal Trouble for Jeep Web Site Operator

Remember our story last year about the owner of, and how he was being sued by DaimlerChrysler for improperly using the "Jeep" name? Well, he's in DaimlerChrysler's crosshairs again. This time, it's for his site - actually, it's for the bumber stickers that he's selling to promote the site. It seems that DaimlerChyrsler isn't too keen on the image of an overturned Jeep on a stick figure. Here's some more info.

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