Australian Jeep Jamboree Planned

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Jeeps down under, Dodge Liberty, low loyalty rate for Jeep

We've recently become aware that the Melbourne, Australia Jeep Owners Club is organizing a National Jeep Jamboree Victoria 2004, with Chrysler Jeep Australia as the main sponsor.

The event will be held in the mountains near Melbourne during the first week of October.

More information, including registration, can be found at the official Web site:

Dodge Version of Liberty

In a recent article posted on the Automotive News Web site regarding recent labor talks at Jeep's Toledo assembly plant, it was mentioned:

Additionally, the Toledo operations will build a Dodge vehicle based on the Liberty, the UAW source says, adding that it is unclear if the Dodge vehicle will be a re-badged Liberty or a new vehicle based on the Liberty chassis.

"A Dodge vehicle will be put in the plant," the UAW source says. Dodge Dakotas were built in Toledo in 1994 and 1995.

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An additional article at has this to add:

However, speculation around Toledo is that DaimlerChrysler will now go ahead with a Dodge version of the next Jeep Liberty and perhaps a compact pickup truck built off the Jeep Wrangler platform.

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Jeep Retention Rate at Just 35%

A recent article at reports on the various auto brand loyalties in the auto industry. While Chevy owners are the most loyal (61% say their next vehicle will also be a Chevy), Jeep is quite a ways down the list at 35%.

The retention rate for DaimlerChrysler AG's Jeep brand was just 35 per cent because customers said Jeep does not sell the type of vehicle they are interested in for their next purchase, Mr. Ivers said.

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