Jeep Sales Up, Meet and Greet, Dodge Liberty?

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Jeep sales surge in January...

National Jeepers/Quadratec/Hooters Meet and Greet

The 2nd annual national Jeep Meet and Greet has been set for May 15, 2004 at various Hooters resturants around the country. If you're interested in helping out organize a Meet and Greet at your local Hooters, join the discussion at the Quadratec Bulletin Board. Quadratec will be providing door prizes.

January Jeep Sales Up 28%!

Jeep sales for January, 2004 are up 28% over figures from January, 2003 with across the board double-digit percentage gains for all three Jeep models. Here's the breakdown:

                                               Month Sales          DR %  
Model Curr Yr Pr Yr Change
Wrangler 5,391 3,836 35%
Liberty 12,701 10,613 15%
Grand Cherokee 15,184 10,516 39%
JEEP BRAND 33,276 24,965 28%

Here's a snippet from the official press release:

The Jeep(R) brand showed significant strength across all product lines," said Gary Dilts, Chrysler Group Senior Vice President - Sales. Sales increased 28 percent compared to January 2003. Jeep Grand Cherokee led the way for the brand by posting sales of 15,184 units, 39 percent higher compared to January 2003 when 10,516 units were sold. Jeep Liberty set an all-time record in January, selling 12,701 units, a 15 percent improvement over January 2003 sales of 10,613 units. Jeep Wrangler also had a strong January, increasing sales 35 percent to 5,391 units compared to 3,836 units sold in January 2003.

Dodge SUV based on the Jeep Liberty to be built at Jeep plant?

One of our favorite Jeep-lovers sites is that of Al Miller at Al's got some information (and a photo) about a potential Dodge SUV that is based on the Jeep Liberty that is going to be built in Toledo at the Jeep assembly plant. We've been unable to confirm this anywhere else, so treat this as a rumor for now...

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