Diesel Wrangler?

Date 2004/2/11 0:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

A completely unsubstanciated rumor hits our inbox.

An anonymous source of our recently wrote in to tell us that DaimlerChrysler may be looking into adding a diesel-powered Wrangler to the lineup. Apparently, some diesel-friendly frames have been delivered to Jeep Engineering recently for testing.

Has anyone else heard anything about this? If so, let us know at jeepnews@OneToMany.com.

Update (2/12/04) - a reader from Austrailia emailed us and let us know that he's heard the rumor as well - specifically for a long-wheel-base Scrambler pickup.

Jeep Versus Hummer: Overview

Over the past year, the Jeep vs. Hummer "arguement" has been heating up. For those of you who haven't kept up, here's a synopsis:

Round 1: Jeep sues Hummer for using the 7-slotted grill design. Hummer wins the case.

Round 2: Jeep debuts the "go-cart" commercial showing a H2 go-cart stuck in the mud.

Round 3: Hummer's H2 is a big seller.

Round 4: Jeep debuts the Rescue concept vehicle.

Need more details? Check out this excellent wrap-up at the International Herald Tribune Online.   

In case you missed our Jeep Rescue coverage, here's a new article on the Rescue from auto123.com.  

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