J.D. Power Strikes Again

Date 1998/7/17 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

J.D. Power and Associates announced the results of their 1998 Customer Satisfaction Index Study(SM) yesterday with the Jeep brand finishing below industry average (a not-all-that-unfamiliar place for the Jeep brand in J.D. Power stuides) once again. The companies that scored better than the industry average are:

Lexus                             175  Infiniti                          171  Saturn                            163  Jaguar                            159  Mercury                           157  Honda                             156  Volvo                             156  Acura                             155  Mercedes-Benz                     155  BMW                               154  Toyota                            154  Ford                              153  Lincoln                           152  Audi                              149  Land Rover                        148  Industry Average                  146  

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