Brits Love Their Grand Cherokees

Date 2004/3/29 0:00:00 | Topic: Grand Cherokee

Review of the turbo-diesel European Grand Cherokee
We often overlook that the Jeep is popular in a lot more places other than the United States - here's a snippet from glowing review of the European version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland - assembled not in Toledo, Ohio, but in Graz, Austria:
It's not often Britain takes an American brand to heart, but when Jeep finally got its wheels wet and plunged across the Atlantic things changed.

Jeep was an instant hit and the manufacturer invested in a European factory at Graz in Austria to give the product a nifty European spin.

Now its vehicles combine US automotive design with the finest of European technology and the line-up has been cosiderably beefed up.

One of its most impressive is the class-leading 2.7-litre common rail, turbo diesel-powered, Jeep Grand Cherokee.

A drive in the latest luxury Overland version powered by the 2.7-litre CRD is enough to convince that the Grand Cherokee formula is powerful medicine.

This version with the tough 2.7 rumbling under the bonnet is a vast improvement on the turbo diesel engine it replaces. The new engine is quieter, more powerful, more responsive and more fun to drive. For Jeep, it represents a new level of diesel technology.


The whole package is a worthy alternative to the Range Rover. The Grand Cherokee now offers a solution to those seeking luxury without vastness.

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