Jeep Scrambler - Not Dead Yet

Date 2004/4/1 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

No Scrambler this year, but next year???
A reader sent us a link to an article on Ward's Auto with some interesting quotes from Craig Love. Who's Craig Love, you ask? Mr. Love is the "vice-president of the activity vehicle product team for the Jeep brand. So there. Here's a snippet:

“I wouldn’t rule it out at all,” says Craig Love, vice-president-activity vehicle product team, Jeep. “There are 4-wheel-drive SUTs in Jeep’s history and there could be in Jeep’s future.”

Love points to past iterations of the Scrambler and the long-gone Comanche pickup as being integral to the brand’s identity. And the Scrambler’s likely platform, a stretched version of the Wrangler’s, just made its commercial debut underpinning the 4-door Wrangler Unlimited.

Chrysler Group is looking to grow the Jeep lineup, at the urgings of CEO Dieter Zetsche, but has had some difficulty putting its finger on the right product.

“We think the Jeep brand can grow,” Love says. “What we cannot do is badge-engineer something and call it a Jeep when it’s not a Jeep.”

Check out the entire article.

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