The Jeep 4x4 Cache-In Adventure

Date 2004/5/7 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Another great reason to go outside.
As frequent geocachers, we couldn't help but be excited when we heard that Jeep and were teaming up to offer a geocaching adventure with a chance to win one of three new Jeeps!

What is geocaching? It is a sport where you use a GPS receiver to find hidden "caches" all over the country. The caches usually consist of a log book and some knick-knacks that you can trade out.

As part of the "Cache-In Adventure", you can find one of the 4,000 Jeep 4x4 travelbugs hidden in caches all over the country. Once you find one, you can relocate it to another geocache and then track it's movement using a special ID code on the bug.

Here's some additional info from the site:
Geocaching is the latest pastime for adventure lovers and your friends at the Jeep brand think it’s great. So while you’re out there seeking a cache and leaving your mark, we’re adding to the fun by hiding Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs in wilderness areas and natural settings in cities and towns across America. You can search for Jeep 4x4 Travel Bugs beginning June 1 . . . in the meantime, use the search tool to find all kinds of caches wherever you are.

Plus, we’re giving away three new Jeep 4x4s.

Whether you find one or not, enter your name for your chance to win. We’re giving away a Jeep 4x4 at three different drawings.

    * Drawing #1: 2004 Wrangler Unlimited
    * Drawing #2: 2005 Liberty Sport
    * Drawing #3: 2005 Grand Cherokee Laredo

So, get in on the adventure. See if you can find a Jeep Wrangler and get your chance to drive one home!

Visit the official Web site at for more information and to enter the drawing for a new Jeep.

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