A Closer Look at the Liberty's Assembly Line

Date 2004/5/8 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

A Toledo television station provides an inside look at the Liberty's Production
13abc from Toledo, Ohio - home to DaimlerChrysler's Jeep Assembly plant - recently took its viewers (and now readers) inside the Liberty's assembly plant for a look around. Here's a snippet from the article:
It all starts with trucks, hundreds a day filled with parts and delivered to driverless forklifts. Toledo north assembly is divided into three sections: the body shop where frames are assembled, the paint shop, and trim and chassis, where each Liberty gets a motor and interior. Body shop supervisor Tom Tresize says, "All the pieces come in as a puzzle, then we put them together. When it leaves here, it's a full body ready to be painted."

Robots get the first piece of the puzzle. Sparks fly as more than a thousand pieces are welded into the familiar Liberty shape. Robots and workers put on the roof, doors, hood and tailgate, completing the frame. Like a roller coaster in slow motion, frames leave the body shop for a shiny coat of paint. Robots once again take over. After the paint dries, Libertys go down the line to trim and chassis. Workers now install everything from door handles to dashboards.

Brakes, axels and tires are next. At this point on the line, Libertys are complete but their journey is not. We talked with DaimlerChrysler's top Jeep man in Toledo, plant manager Alberto Gonzalez. He says each day he likes to talk with workers on the floor, the people who make sure Libertys go out the door problem-free.

The most interesting part of the article is the video - check it out here.

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