Official Jeep Site Features Diesel Jeep Liberty

Date 2004/5/11 0:00:00 | Topic: Liberty

The Jeep Liberty CRD makes an appearance on the official Jeep Web site.
The official Jeep site is now showcasing the much-discussed diesel Jeep Liberty - check it out here.  Some snippets from the text:
How did we make Jeep Liberty more capable than ever? Three letters: CRD.

CRD stands for Common Rail Diesel - an all-new, second-generation diesel engine that can be found at the heart of the Jeep Liberty CRD, available later this year. Forget everything you remember about the diesels of old.

The all-new 2.8L turbocharged Liberty CRD produces the kind of down-low pulling power that's perfect for hauling, towing, passing and keeping out of trouble.

As the first diesel-powered, mid-size SUV available in North America, Liberty CRD is blazing a new trail so you can go further off road between fill-ups.

Thanks to modern advancements in engine technology, including Multi-Pilot Direct Injection, dual overhead camshafts and gear-driven balance shafts, Liberty CRD runs as smoothly as a conventional gasoline engine.

If you are interested in learning more about the diesel Liberty, be sure to "Register for Updates" on the Jeep Web site. for

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