Counting Crows at Camp Jeep and UAW Working for Toledo

Date 2004/5/28 0:00:00 | Topic: Facilities

Music for Camp Jeep 2004, more jobs for Toledo?
If you're heading to Camp Jeep in Charlottsville, VA this summer, you'll be interested to know that according to their official Web site,the Counting Crows will be performing. The site shows that they're going to be playing on July 17 at the "Jeep Festival".

With DaimlerChrysler's Toledo, Ohio Jeep operations continuing to expand, the local UAW is running a campaign to try to get even more manufacturing jobs to the area to support the Jeep assembly plants. Here's a snippet from WTOL News:
Toledo Loves Its Jeep. Union leaders hope that new campaign will be enough to land new work here in the Glass City. But is showing the love enough? Union leaders hope this letter writing campaign will score new jobs and not fall on deaf ears.

Jeep's Toledo operation is about to double. That means more parts will be needed to build vehicles, and the push is on for local companies to supply those parts. "We think this is a major opportunity for entire community to re-industrialize so to speak," said UAW Local 12 President Bruce Baumhower.

Baumhower is heading up the "Toledo Loves Its Jeep Two" campaign. He says more than 400 letters of support are showing up in the mail everyday. Baumhower plans on presenting all the petitions directly to DaimlerChrysler, hoping the company will go local when it expands. "We think there are as many as 700 to 800 jobs and up to a thousand new jobs that could be added to our community," said Baumhower.

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