Jeep Sales Up Across the Board - Chrysler Simplifying Designs

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Jeep sales are up 10%, Chrysler making some changes
Jeep sales for May, 2004 increased 10 percent to 41,765 units including:
  • Jeep Wrangler posted a sales increase of 15 percent to 8,350 units
  • Jeep Liberty sales for May 2004 were 15,414 units, an increase of 1 percent
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee sales increased 17 percent to 18,001 units
Here are the numbers:
                              Month Sales    DR %      Sales CYTD     DR %
           Model           Curr Yr   Pr Yr  Change  Curr Yr   Pr Yr  Change
  Wrangler                   8,350    7,557    15%   37,746   26,672    42%
  Liberty                   15,414   15,908     1%   72,740   65,958    10%
  Grand Cherokee            18,001   15,919    17%   82,201   74,629    10%
    JEEP BRAND              41,765   39,384    10%  192,687  167,259    15%
In other news, according to the Detroit Free Press, Chysler is planning on simplifying its engineering design teams to help bring new vehicles to market faster and to cut costs. Here's a snippet:
DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group, which plans to shift to three basic engineering designs from a dozen now, will complete the process in three to five years, the unit's top engineer said.

New models being introduced in those years will share many parts and be built similarly, said Eric Ridenour, Chrysler executive vice president of engineering. The additional flexibility would allow Chrysler to build more hot-selling PT Cruisers and fewer low-profit Neon compacts, for instance, thus making the company more profitable.


Chrysler will split vehicle engineering into families based on the vehicles' structure and drivetrain. Front-wheel-drive vehicles like the Town and Country minivan would belong to the same family - the architecture, in Chrysler parlance - as the funky little PT Cruiser.

Rear- and all-wheel-drive vehicles like the company's popular new 300 sedan and the Jeep Grand Cherokee upscale SUV will belong to a second architecture, while rugged trucks like the Dodge Ram pickup and Dakota will comprise the company's third architecture.

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