Wrangler Pickup Coming - In July!

Date 2004/6/14 0:00:00 | Topic: Wrangler

DaimlerChrysler pulls a fast one and announced a Wrangler-based pickup going on sale soon!

This one took us by surprise this morning - from AutoWeek.com

Jeep will sell a pickup derivative of the Wrangler in 2004.

The Scrambler, developed initially for military use overseas, goes onsale as a 2005 model in mid-July 2004, said George Murphy, senior vice president of global marketing.

"It has been developed to increase sales quickly and to pass on thetradition of the Wrangler - which has the strongest image of any vehicle in the Jeep range," Murphy said.

The Scrambler concept sits on a stretched Wrangler wheelbase, enabling the addition of a 4-foot pickup bed behind a two-passenger compartment.Murphy said the Scrambler will be available in long andshort wheel bases, but Chrysler declined to disclose specifications. Four- and six-cylinder engines will be available.

Jeep will produce about 20,000 Scramblers a year. Due to the stretched wheelbase, the ride "is more comfortable, and it feels better on the road" than the Wrangler, Murphy said.

Be sure to check out the entire article for more information.

UPDATE - 6/15/04 - The comments in the Reader Reaction section are correct - this is an old article and not "new" news. Sorry about the mixup!

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