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4th Euro Camp Jeep Set for This Weekend
Hundreds of Jeep® enthusiasts from across Europe and beyond will gather this weekend at the scenic resort area of Faaker See in Austria for the fourth Euro Camp Jeep, a celebration of Jeep – the brand, the vehicles and the lifestyle.

During the three-day event, around 850 Jeep customers and enthusiasts will drive 370 vehicles in one of Europe’s most stunning locations, on the edge of the southern Austrian Alps. Euro Camp Jeep is an exclusive annual event for Jeep aficionados, allowing them to explore a full range of 4x4 activities and share their experiences with fellow Jeep fans in a friendly, family-oriented environment.

Participants from more than 20 countries will take part this year, including for the first time guests from Egypt, Romania, Ukraine and the U.S.

Euro Camp Jeep 2004 is centered on the historic Finkenstein Castle set beside the Faaker See Lake in Carinthia, close to the point where the corners of Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet.

A wide range of Jeep activities have been arranged for the participants, from challenging off-road driving instruction and trials, to other family-focused adventures such as quad-biking and regional site-seeing. Jeep fans will also have the chance to join in “roundtable” discussions where they can exchange ideas and opinions with Jeep engineers and experts. has some additional information on the forthcoming large Jeep:

Although Jeep got plenty of attention for the Rescue concept vehicle that debuted in Detroit earlier this year, no one figured anything like it would ever see a showroom floor. The upcoming Commander isn't likely to be quite as over-the-top as the Rescue but it will be the largest vehicle in the lineup when it debuts next year. Built on the same platform as the new Grand Cherokee, the Commander will be slightly larger and incorporate a third row of seats. Its styling is expected to be a little boxier than the rounded off Cherokee but not quite as butch as the Hummer H2. Look for an official debut at next year's Detroit auto show.

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