Jeep June Sales Down 5%

Date 2004/7/6 0:00:00 | Topic: Sales

Jeep sales up for the 2nd quarter, down for the month.
Jeep® brand sales were 113,901 units for the quarter, an increase of 5 percent over 2003 second quarter sales.  Jeep brand sales for the month decreased 5 percent to 33,459 units.  Jeep Liberty posted record monthly sales of 13,579 units during June, an increase of 7 percent.

                Month Sales             Sales CYTD
Model           Curr Yr Pr Yr   Change  Curr Yr Pr Yr  Change
Wrangler        6,963   6,599   1%      44,709  33,271  33%
Liberty         13,579  12,147  7%      86,319  78,105  10%
Grand Cherokee  12,917  15,099  -18%    95,118  89,728  5%
JEEP BRAND      33,459  33,845  -5%     226,146 201,104  12%

Led by consistent monthly, quarterly and year-to-date retail sales results, Chrysler Group reported sales of 209,252 units, an increase of 1 percent over June 2003 sales of 198,962 units.  Eight of the past nine months have resulted in sales increases for the Chrysler Group.  Quarterly sales for Chrysler Group increased 2 percent to 618,394 units, achieving three consecutive quarters of year-over-year sales growth.  Sales are calculated on a day-rate adjusted basis.

"The consistent results this quarter and our rise in monthly retail sales showcase the appeal of our segment leading products," said Gary Dilts, Chrysler Group Senior Vice President - Sales.  "These products have established themselves in the market and are the foundation for our improved year-to-date sales."

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