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Date 2004/7/20 0:00:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Random news bits we found cleaning out our inbox (Rescue, Unlimited, fake image, Grand).">AutoExpress has an article about how the Jeep Rescue concept vehicle may become the next production Jeep model. Here's a snippet:

ButAmerica's oldest 4x4 manufacturer has an ace up its sleeve with this -the Rescue. The stunning newcomer was unveiled at January's DetroitMotor Show, and now it's ready to drive, we have been for an exclusivespin in the biggest Jeep ever produced.

Following in the tracks of theSixties Wagoneer, the firm's first seven-seater, the Rescue aims tomake its own mark on the competitive luxury SUV market by cashing in onthe off-road heritage of the Jeep name.

Check out the entire artcle.

Fake Car and Driver image???

One of our readers gave us this link to this animated image that mayshow that the photo in the August, 2004 issue of Car and Driver is justa rehash of an offical Jeep Rescue press photo. Check it out to see for yourself...

New Grand Cherokee Marketing

We've heard from several readers that the 2005 Grand Cherokee will havea new marketing tagline: "The off-road legend continues. The on-roadlegend begins." - It looks like DamilerChrysler wants consumers tostart focusing on how nice the on-road ride of the GC is.

Wrangler Unlimited Test Drive has a test drive review of the Wrangler Unlimited - although the article focuses more on the Jeep brand's market share.

Here's a link to the Edmunds test drive.

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